Canine Athletes

The health and wellbeing of your canine athlete is of utmost importance to us. We work with you as the owner to find the best solution for your athlete.
Whether you want to get your athlete in top condition before a big competition, build specific muscles to increase performance or work on a weekly conditioning and injury prevention program, we offer it all.
At the first appointment our therapist will do an evaluation to determine body condition and structure. The findings will be discussed at your next appointment. A specific plan will be worked out for each athlete and programs will be discussed.

Our facilities include a heated outdoor pool, land treadmill, laser, ultrasound, TENS unit, Photizo and a wide variety of wobble boards, physio balls and agility equipment.
We know that you as the owner/trainer knows your athlete best and we want to involve you in the process as much as possible. We love learning from you about your specific sport and don’t shy away from a challenge to get your athlete in the best form possible.