General Aches and Pains

As pets age so does their muscles and bones. Arthritis and muscle loss generally goes hand in hand with an increasing age. This in turn causes them to decrease their activity level which leads to stiff muscles and joints. This is the main reason for your older pet not being the happy, energetic pet it used to be.

The first time we see your pet we will do an evaluation, this involves taking measurements of joint range of motion, muscle mass differences and finding out exactly where the problem areas are.
After the evaluation, our therapist will discuss a treatment plan specific to your pet’s needs.

Initially treatments will consist of decreasing pain and discomfort, building muscle mass and increasing joint mobility. These are mostly done with modalities (ultrasound, electrical stimulation, infrared light, laser) and manual handling (massage, stretching etc)
After a few treatments, depending on how your pet progresses, the focus will shift to improving your pet’s quality of life. Treatments will then start to include hydrotherapy and all the other FUN activities that focus on core strength (wobble boards, physio balls, cavaletti’s etc)

We have a soft spot for older pets or any pet who has lost their spark. Its amazing to see how treatment can improve their quality of life and mood.